The Worst Border Problem Commentary Ever

Recorded June 22, 2018. Hosted by Britton, Nick, Ashley, and Joe!


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Trump’s Space Farce

Recorded June 18, 2018 with Britton, Nick, Joe, and Ashley.


Music for June 8

This is the Bride of Christ?

Recorded June 7, 2018
Recorded by Britton, Nick, Chris, and Ashley.

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Roseanne Committed a Racism

Recorded on May 31, 2018 by Britton, Nick, Ashley, and Chris.

Confession: I treated Memorial Day like a free day off instead of taking time to think about the patriots who died and such. I did too. Sorry to all the soldiers out there. Confession from me: I may have said something about this being the anniversary of Harambe’s death and then took the post down once I realized I didn’t say anything about Memorial Day.

The search for the Malaysian flight from years ago has finally come to a close. There’s been no new information and nothing has been found. Basically weather is the reason as to why they stopped. Aliens?

Roseanne got herself cancelled. Tinfoil hat time: She pissed off the libs when her character supported Trump. It was a rather hilarious plot point that they never forgave her for. The entire run was met with people wanting her off the air because of her politics. Now several hours after the dumbest tweet in recent weeks her show is cancelled. Were they already looking for a reason to pull it?  But really they should kill her off – she ended the season by being fearful of being put under for her knee surgery.

Meanwhile Samantha been calls Ivanka a feckless c**t and there is no outrage.

Jesse Duplantis wants a new airplane.

Oldest snippet of the gospel of mark identified.

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Riley Clemmons Better For It – Single [Capitol]

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Summa Cum Laude is Latin

Recorded May 24, 2018 with Britton, Nick, Ashley, and Joe!

Spiritual Warfare – the Christian NES that you never knew you didn’t want.

Ashley went to a Christian school graduation, and it was painful. Pledges to Christian flags and bibles, Micheal W Smith’s “Friends”, Ray Boltz’s “Thank you for giving to the Lord,” bibles given to Christian school kids with teachers signatures (I affectionately called that a yearbook bible), and having to ask forgiveness for calling the Bible a “book”… not to mention there was a song in between each speech…. Football referee-type MC. She’s incredibly mad about this. Don’t forget the girl that they forced to give a speech and is super shy about it.

There was a Royal wedding. It was a big deal across the pond.

Houston’s school shooting that I don’t know enough about.

MTV suspends the show ‘Catfish’ after claims of sexual misconduct from executive producer:  

See, it’s ironic because he catfished his audience into thinking he was a decent human being.

WTF is up with Allison Mack. This all literally sounds like something from Smallville. The misspelled cult (multi level marketing organization to empower women, or some white nonsense) name Nxivm, which I’m sure is a heartburn medication.

Morgan Freeman is the next to fall to #metoo and for some reason I’m not surprised.

Grads, watch your honors language! “Summa Cum Laude” banned from grad cake

Shane Claiborne wants a revival in Lynchburg, Va.  Liberty university apparently think they own Lynchburg.

Donald Trump is legally not allowed to block people Twitter because it violates the First Amendment.

The question here being, if it’s unconstitutional for Trump, why is it not for us? I understand it’s a whole position of power thing, but if the law is supposed to be spread evenly, then it should apply to everyone. What would happen if Trump just decided to delete his Twitter account? Is that unconstitutional too?

They keep every tweet in the archives. But he’s not gonna delete it. It’s what got him elected and it’s his favorite way to complain to the American people.

Is it all people or just US citizens????? Exactly.

May 18
Tori Harper – Seasons EP [The Fuel]
Jason Nelson – Answer [RCA Inspiration]
UPPERROOM – Moments [The Fuel]


Amy Grant Hasn’t Been the Same Since Rich Mullins Rolled that Jeep

Hosted by Nick and Britton. Recorded on May 17, 2018.

Confession. I can hear Yanny and Laurel.
Also I’ve been listening to country music.

Hawaii is currently being consumed by lava as new fissures open up. They think the eruption is gonna be huge.

Are the end times again?

The move of the embassy to Jerusalem finally happened… and the riots were immense. Many injured or killed on the Palestinian side. However, this wasn’t unprovoked. Israeli leaders claim that they had taken fire from Hamas forces and retaliated in return.

Christian only town

Do people get along better or worse there?

May 11 Music

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We Never Claimed to Be Politically Correct

Hosted by Britton, Nick, Ashely, and Chris is back from college!

The real reason the church has a millennial void… again

This guy tries preaching “do you know where you’ll spend eternity if you die tonight” at the end of the Avengers and people think he has a gun. The weirdest part is this isn’t the first time he’s done it, it’s just the first time people freaked out and called the cops

President of the Southern Baptists is getting some heat because he told women on several accounts to stay with their abusive husbands and SAys he has nothing to apologize for – The Washington Post
This is a guy that beats his own wife, hands down. It’s gotta be deflection for himself or else he wouldn’t be arguing for it.

Beth Moore has written a blog addressing misogyny in her own experience in the church. She’s in news articles including HuffPo and others, but Here’s her blog:

A Letter to My Brothers – Living Proof Ministries Blog Living Proof Ministries Blog – blog.lproof.org

Mark Driscoll goes charismatic.

Disney shuts down Christian concert event. Christians take it personally. Night of Joy. Disney thought she’d come in the morning.

Met Gala had a religious theme: heavenly bodies: fashion and he catholic imagination”

May 4 Music

Lincoln Brewster God of the Impossible [Integrity]


Passion Whole Heart (Live) (Vinyl) [SixSteps]

Michael W. Smith Lullaby [Rocketown/The Fuel]

Various Artists Top 15 Praise Songs – The Well [Maranatha! Music]

Marvel is Post Trib

Recorded on May 3, 2018
Hosted by Britton, Nick, and Ashley

New Music!

There Will Be No Hanky Nor Panky

Record April 26, 2018
Hosted By Britton, Nick, and Ashley

Bill Cosby is found guilty of sexual assault from 14 years ago.

David Hogg got himself a book deal about the shootings and how he organized the gun movement.

California wants to secede from the Union. All they have to do is collect enough signatures and then it’ll go to a statewide vote. They only need 366,000 signatures.

The Kanye West Trump support is the best thing on the internet right now. It’s hilarious in all forms.

Incredibly popular EDM artist Avicii has died. Cause unknown. It’s EDM so I’m assuming drugs or alcohol.

Verne Troyer died.

Monkey’s can’t sue for copyright.

GQ tells people the Bible is overrated and they don’t need to read it. People are losing their minds because GQ is made up of literary experts we should trust?

Music this week!

Jason Crabb Unexpected [Provident]

Stryper God Damn Evil [Frontiers]

Roy Tosh Above the Water [RMG Amplify]

Vertical Worship Bright Faith Bold Future [Essential Worship]


I Can Be Your Boyfriend in Christ

Recorded on 4/19/2018

Ashley has a confession and it will probably bar her from out music segment forever

We should probably talk about the Syria stuff.

Christian metal lost a band…. Good Luck Underoath.

Christian Metal lost a band, but they gained a few Beliebers in the process. Justin Bieber led a worship service at Coachella on Sunday.

Walmart refuses to carry Stryper’s God Damn Evil.

Gallup poll taken and Shocker: Music isn’t the reason people go to church!

CVC Obituaries

Lee Ermey has died. So has Harry Anderson from Night Court, Barbara Bush, Carl Kassel (NPR), and a wrestler named Bruno Samarttino.

Starbucks is closing over 8,000 stores on May 29 to conduct racial-bias education. Apparently this all comes after a manager was fired due to calling the cops on a couple of black guys who were sitting in the store and waiting on another friend to show up. They were hauled out by the cops.  Because my fucking coffee needs to be politically active. You know how you make people racist?By telling them they can’t order black coffee because it’s offensive. It’s COC coffee now.

Bully Hunters follow up: It was a disaster as imagined and has been completely killed off by the people that started it. A few things that were found out:

  • The whole thing was staged. Some of the “victims” were actually hunters as well. The footage that they showed was impossible for them to get based on the games own parameters.
  • Instances of the Hunters being crap at the game.
  • A host had video surfacing afterwards of her saying some terrible things on her livestreams about people. Name calling etc.
  • It was supposed to be an hour but was instead 35 minutes.
  • If you went to their website and clicked the link to take you to their twitter, it took you to a completely different persons twitter who was unassociated with the BH and himself was a rape victim.
  • Numbers of harassment having been horribly inflated.
  • They brought in a “clinical gamer counselor” who actually isn’t that at all after a google search.

Music this week

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