Fill Up the Wax on the Back Side

This week on the show, Britton learns that the teenage vernacular has changed and he can no longer quote Daffy Duck in youth group.

Ashley makes the boys listen to the new Taylor Swift album in exchange for watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We also find out that Nick once wrote trashy romance novels under pseudonym.

We ponder the nature of the Force is Star Wars. What is light, what is dark, what is gray. This is where we wax theological.

More TV shows are ruined by actors not keeping their hands to themselves.  Danny Masterson is no longer on The Ranch. Although allegations where investigated years ago, the stories have come back up and Netflix sent Masterson packing.

Trump moved the capital of Israel?  Not exactly. The media is stating this stuff completely wrong.

Will all the history of false allegations among these true accusations make interacting with people and thing of the past in the near future?

We saw a Christian Alexa, but didn’t realize it was a joke until later.

Do we a Christian litmus test to tell us right from wrong? Do we need a Christian alternative to everything?

Gay Cake is back in the news.  Where is the difference between religious service, political position, and public duty? Kim Davis is going to face reelection competition from a man that she refuse to give a marriage certificate.

Side Note: Singing is like talking in cursive.

Baby its cold outside has been cast as a creepy song for the last few years. Has the internet ruined this song because they didn’t understand the original context?  How does this same notion apply to the Bible?

Ashley and Nick have never seen the Christmas Story.

We also have to take time to explain the Star Wars Holiday Special.



Look What Louis Made Me Do

We come back to the mics after a week off from the Thanksgiving holiday. Of course we have had more unsettling news about Hollywood, Media, and Political personalities accused of naughty things.  Ashley also breaks down the new Taylor Swift album, and makes a deal with Nick and Britton to make them listen to it. Also Louis CK broke our heart, we have no feelings about Matt Lauer. We take on net neutrality and decide the internet will eventually be ruined one way or the other.  And get ready for Star Wars, and why the movies are like the Bible.

Recorded on 11/30/2017 in front of a live studio audience.

Hosted By Britton, Ashley, and Nick.

Franken vs Moore: The Squeeze Off!

This week on the show, we attempt to sort out this Hollywood mess as it leaks into Washington, DC.


Is it time to boycott Hollywood?

Everyone has either been assault or accused of assaulting someone.  Is it time to pull the plug and go outside for some air?

Or should we boycott the media who just can’t be happy? Seriously, they are never happy. We suspect it is because they expect Hollywood’s latest to change their life, but it is just a movie.

Do the media believe that they are judge and jury?

Speaking of Judges… Hollywood is leaking.

Roy Moore is accused of some horrendous things, so of course some republicans try to pull story out of the Bible, out of context, and completely full of errors.

Lawmakers unveil #metoo congress bill to overhaul sexual harassment policies.

Al Franken for president, but first this picture!

Fake News Train Keeps on a rollin’. This one talks about weiners.

Nick is done with the Walking Dead.

Positive, Encouraging CVC

No Shave November,  The Texas Shooting, Billy Graham is 99, an Exorcism gone wrong, New Christian Rock, Puff Daddy Love, an unlikely candidate for president in Russia, and the sermon with weak sauce, all on this week’s episode of CVC.

Recorded November 9, 2017.
Hosted by Britton, Ashley, and Nick 

No Shave November

We are participating in No Shave November by default.  Nick hasn’t shaved in ten years, and Britton doesn’t care for his chin.

Texas Church Shooting

Twenty-Six dead and twenty more injured. The latestabout the event is that they are going to demolish the church because it’s too stark of a reminder of the events that happened. The pastor wants to turn it into a memorial to the people lost and he has hopes of building a new church on a plot of land that the church owns.

Billy Graham is 99

Graham is America’s pastor. He has managed to have a ministry last for decades without major scandals.  What can we learn from Graham’s style of ministry.

I Revoke You Demons

A Jail nurse accused of performing exorcism on inmate. The inmate eventually died. If only she knew that you had to rebuke demons instead of revoking them.


Help us find new Christian music!

Britton blames worship music for the fall of Christian music. Also, Casting Crowns is mom rock.

I don’t want to pile insults on Worship or CCM or KLOVE. That’s the easy criticism and has honestly been done by a lot of malcontents for laughs.  That stuff works for the people it works for,  but some of us of have some different preferences and tastes.


Other funny stories of the week

An Adult Film Star Runs for President of Russia
Her new policies are terrifying. You can read them here:

Puff Daddy, PDiddy, Sean Puffy Combs is now Love.

Sunday Sermons that don’t go deep

Ashley has often called most preaching surface level (correctly). Should preaching be more like a movie, or tv show with a season arc? Most of the time we get the trailer instead of the movie…

Spacey’s Stranger Thing

This week we talk about Soft Blur and the dangerous effects for your online brand, 500 year of Luther nailing things to walks, we try out the Amazon spy machine and love it, try to figure out what Kevin Spacey has been doing to cast mates, House of Cards ending, and Stranger things.

Recorded November 2, 2017.

Hosted by Britton, Nick, and Ashley.


A public service announcement for adults.

Soft Blur.. Seriously stop it.  I just saw a parent post their kids picture – covered in motion blur.  Historians will look back and think we wore a protective plastic coating.

Martin Luther, 500 years later.

500 years after Martin Luther’s 95 theses, I’m still pro nailing things onto doors.

My 1984 machine

Britton buys an echo dot, inviting an open mic into his home at all times.  He loves it.

Spacey is a bad man, allegedly

Kevin Spacey has been accused of making sexual advances towards Anthony Rapp when he was 14. Spacey has come out as gay in his statement about the situation:

As of recording six men have accused Kevin Spacey.

The Future of House of Cards
Netflix has cancelled House of Cards. Season 6 will be the last one. Although Netflix says that it’s not because of the allegations. According to them, Season 6 was always going to be the end.

Homelessness and Violence

Local church suspends feeding homeless because of violence. How do Christians do ministry while also keeping their ministry workers and patrons safe? (Should that even be a concern?)

While on the opposite end of the homeless spectrum, you’ve got this SC pastor who put up a sign that said “Work harder, millions on welfare are depending on you.” And “the Bible promises no loaves to the loafer”

Stranger Things 2

Spoilers ahead! We discuss what we love about the new season of Stranger things.

You Don’t Have to Live Like This

This week we talk about the baker who won’t make gay or satanic cake, former President Cop-a-Feel, the JFK files, Corey Feldman’s personal quest, more #metoo, Taylor Swift tragedy call out, modern dating, Christian music nostalgia, and the fat coach the reminds of Rob Bell.

Gay cake continues. A Colorado baker is asked to bake a cake to celebrate Lucifer’s birthday.

Former President George H.W. Bush has been accused of touching the ladies. He say’s he’s David Cop a Feel. We have no defense for the president, but this isn’t as Weinstein like as some people are acting.

New JFK files are out. And people are losing their minds. Does anyone think we are going to have Bay of Pigs 2?

Corey Feldman is going to fight the Hollywood child prostitution rings. Why hasn’t anyone talked about him and his buddy Michael Jackson?

The problem with #metoo is it is so hard to prove and the cards are stacked against the victims. Case in point, Cosby’s accuser tried to prosecute when the event happened and the people in power wouldn’t touch it.

Taylor Swifts calls out the tragedy one uppers. Also Ashley says T-Swizzle.

Modern non-dating and why Snapchat can’t replace take a date to dinner.

Christian Contemporary artist is now a life coach. Also, you need to listen to Carman to understand Christian music of the 80s and 90s.

This leads to a conversation about 80s and 90s Christian music.

Also, where is the Power Team now?

Briton got a fat coach, and had a Rob Bell moment.

Gimmick Prophecy and Package Enlargments

Bethel’s Prophecy School, Jesus Culture Music, The church practice of ‘reading your mail,’ judgment houses, Hollywood implosions, male organ enlargement by prayer, #metoo, Jim Bakker makes a threat, and God’s Not three all on this episode of the cvcPodcast.

Recorded Thursday, October 19, 2017.
Hosted By Britton, Nick, and Ashley.

Bethel Prophecy School

Bethel has been slowly taking over a small town with a prophecy school.  How much of this is biblical and what is the motivation behind it? Is it money or do the organizers believe they are training people properly to work in the gifts of the spirit.

Also Jesus Culture may be the most influential worship sound out right now.
Aside: Nick recommends August Burn’s Red new album

The Pentecostal practice of reading your mail.

Do they still do this: Judgement Houses!

We ask if you still do it, and can scaring someone out of hell actually work?

Hollywood ratings and implosions.

Hollywood movie sales are down because of producer dabbling. Can auteur style film break out anymore? Also the recent allegations of sexual abuse in the industry isn’t helping anything.

Male organ enlargement by the power of prayer

A pastor from Ghana claims he can heal the male package from smallness with a grab, prayer and shake. 

We have to talk about #metoo

Ashley shares a couple of stories about what she’s had to deal with. And we try to find a clear cultural definition for harassment.

Jim Bakker is going to threaten us all.

Jim Bakker went on a rant against his detractors this week threatening judgement.  We try to help Bakker understand why people may not trust what he has to say.

God’s Not Dead 3

This movie is happening, but we feel like the whole premise is based on straw man arguments. We’ll still watch.

Christian Dating in a age of introverted tech goons.

Dating Tips for a generations of people who don’t date.

Harvey Weinstein, Allegedly

Recorded 10/12/2017
Hosted By Britton and Nick

This week we find a church that brews beer as a fund raiser, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is shutting down, a gay coffee shop owner kicks out Christians, our Star Wars trailer analysis (and some Star Wars theology), cultural christians teaming up, Harvey Weinstein’s problems in Hollywood, and more!

Geekery and Guns and Good Conversation

We say goodbye to Tom Petty

Tom Petty’s music is woven into the tapestry of our music culture. While you may have never heard an entire album of his, you are probably more familiar with his body of work than you realize.

CBS is having a rough week

They botched the call on Tom Petty’s death.

Also, CBS top brass made a terrible comments about the voting statistics of country music fans who were on the receiving end of last Sunday’s attack in Las Vegas.

Is the New Star Trek Racist?

Well.. its not. But of course some internet trolls are already finding things to complain about.  Some are yelling racism because they have assigned hatred from the lead character, Michael.

Mark Driscoll is Coming to Patheos

People are angry that Driscoll’s new blog will be housed at Patheos. He’s known as a loud mouthed blow hard among his Christian distractors on the left. Once pastor of Mars Hill, then the largest church in Seattle, he resigned after a debacle centered around plagiarized , his bad attitude, and treatment of congregation members.

Now some Patheos bloggers are leaving the popular site because they do not want to be anywhere near Driscoll.

We have to talk about Las Vegas

We all know the story that happened last week in Las Vegas, there were so many heroic people trying to help others.  On the internet though we have preemptive straw-man arguments starting before we have any facts from gun enthusiasts and gun control advocates.

Also Check out this GoFundMe:

Pat Roberson says something crazy, or does he?

Some creative editing and a clickbait article accuses Pat Roberson of saying Vegas happened because people hate Trump, except he really doesn’t say that at all.

Monopoly Character at Equifax Hearings

A protestor dressed as the Monopoly Monocle guy and sat in camera view at the Equifax Hearings.

The Drunken Time Traveler

A drunk man from 2048 tells us of impending doom, at that’s what he says to the police. This leads us to a comparison to John Titor. This whole conversation breaks down in to sci-fi nerdery. Doctor Who and Star Trek conversation starts here.



Bringing the NFL to Its Knees

Recorded September 28, 2017
Hosted by Britton, Nick, and Ashley

The World Did Not End

There was no rapture, no explosions, nothing. Once again the end of the world was a let down.  We all wanted to be taken up to get a change of pace.

Was Korea trying to create a ring of fire that was causing earthquakes?  Also, we may be the only Christian podcast that uses 4chan.

In California there were some people who thought the world did end.  During an emergency broadcast signal a Chuck Swindoll sermon bled over causing people to freak out.

Revelation Road is Christian Mad Max movie about the rapture.

Nashville Church Shooting

An usher is called a hero after a man with a gun enters the church.

We Have to Talk about the NFL Protests

Was last Sunday’s demonstration on the field a response to President Trumps mouthiness or is it still about a dialogue about racism in this country? Now, everyone thinks this issue is about flags and patriotism.  Regardless of what is true, perception tends to be reality and a lot of people do not understand what all of this is supposed to be about.  This discussion is losing the plot.

Whatever the Steelers were trying to do, it was totally misunderstood and they enraged fans.

Now fans are angry and burning their merchandise because they feel like the flag, and what it stands for is being disrespected.

Also, we try to figure out what these football players were doing during the National Anthem before 2009.

While the Steelers blew it, the Cowboys did it right. They kneeled for their demonstration, then they stood for the national anthem.

Also, listener response to the NFL controversy.

Athletic Platforms

We are not fans of political platforms from athletes and entertainers. We don’t like news to have opinions either.  We say all of that knowing full well that we are using our podcasting platform to tell everyone our opinion.

I Stand for The flag and kneel for the cross

Sometimes we Christians co-opt things that aren’t about.  When we are supposed to be salt and light, somethings we are rotten vegetables.

The Hef is Dead

What can we say about Hugh Hefner? While Christianity has a public aversion to pornography, did Hefner do a good thing by helping the culture break out of prudish sexual attitudes.