Ep 84: Is it Ok to punch a Nazi?

And New Music!

Ep. 82: Are Friends Friends Forever?

Music This Week:

  • Riley Clemmons Fighting for Me – Single [Sparrow]
  • Amanda Lindsey Cook House On A Hill
  • Jon Egan Unveil (Live)
  • For All Seasons Friends – Single
  • Branan Murphy Who Am I?
  • Neon Feather Universe Inside Your Eyes – Single
  • Natasha Owens Warrior [Radiate]
  • Rapture Ruckus Method to Madness (feat. Jeremy Claudio) – Single
  • Martin Smith Fire’s Gonna Fall – Single
  • Unspoken Reason – Single [Centricity]
  • We Are Messengers Honest EP [Word/Curb]
  • Darlene Zschech Forever My King – Single

Ep 81: How Can This Be?

  • Smollet case dropped.
  • Muller Investigation is Done
  • The EU wants to tax memes

Music this week!

Ep. 80: At least its an Ethos

Music this week!

  • Apollo LTD DNA – Single [Centricity]
  • Hillsong UNITED Another in the Fire – Single [Capitol CMG]
  • Trip Lee No Days Off – Single [Reach]
  • David Leonard The Wait [Integrity]
  • William Murphy Settle Here [RCA Inspiration]
  • Passion Behold the Lamb / It Is Finished – EP [Capitol CMG]
  • Social Club Misfits Que lo Que – Single [Capitol CMG]
  • Chris Tomlin Holy Roar: Live from Church [Six Steps]
  • Triumphant Quartet Yes [StowTown]

Ep 79: Where can I buy distressed underwear?

This week on the CVC Podcast:

  • Trump signs some bibles
  • Aunt Becky gets picked up by the feds
  • And Aldi bullies your gamer child

New Music this week!

  • Meredith Andrews Faith And Wonder (Live) EP [Word Worship]
  • Tina Boonstra Flicker – Single [7Core]
  • Cody Carnes Heaven Fall – Single [Capitol CMG]
  • KJ-52 Big Enough (feat. Xay Hill) – Single (independent
  • Heath McNease Be Clean Again (independent)
  • MDSN Hunger – Single [Integrity]
  • Lyrical word soup like the family Guy joke generator.
  • Cindy Morgan Autumn & Eve – Old Testament Volume 1 – EP (independent)
  • Planetshakers Only Way – Single [Venture3Media
  • The boycott still stands. https://s3.amazonaws.com/cvcpodcast/cvc-03-14-2019.mp3
  • Jetty Rae Stardust (independent)
  • Martin Smith Great & Glorious – Single [Integrity]
  • Tedashii Never Fold [Reach]

Ep 78: Holy Smoke!

This week:

Bibles are saved in a church fire

We test our political affiliation

Michael Jackson is Me Too’s from beyond the grave

All of this and Christian cruises, coming up on the CVC podcast

It’s lent season

Church in WV burns down but the cross and the bibles are left untouched

Sympathy for the antivaxxer. So an 18 year old kid got his vaccinations after his antivax mom refused to.

We took a political affiliation test. Ashley’s was 52% conservative and 48%libertarian

A dude survives three days on taco Bell sauce packets.https://www.wowktv.com/news/national/taco-bell-gives-man-who-survived-on-taco-sauce-while-stuck-in-snow-free-food-a-year/1833727635?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_WOWK_13_NEWS

Hbo tells us about Michael Jackson by telling us exactly what we already suspected about him.

And New music!

Ep 77: Where the show is made up and the facts don’t matter

Methodists votes to ban LGBTQ clergy and marriages

Incredibly disturbing videos on YouTube Kids cause parents to be concerned. (Videos include telling kids about suicide, how to choke, kill others, self harm, etc. some even play the sound of normal episodes while the picture shows them other images. YouTube has done nothing)

Update to that: That particular video has since been taken down and YouTube’s been looking into the situation. They urge people to flag any videos that have content like this in it. In regards to this article though, the one point I want to pick at is when she says “ She said she’s baffled by the proliferation of these videos in a “safe place” like YouTube Kids.” Honey, if you can make an account as an adult to view the kids stuff, then it’s not a safe place.

If you think that’s bad, you should check out the one about the pedos in the comments sections and how they are preying on kids now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O13G5A5w5P0&feature=youtu.be

Robert Kraft, owner of the Patriots, was caught in video surveillance illiciting sex from a minor. He was caught in a human trafficking bust. Today he plead not guilty

Anyone keeping up with the Michael Cohen stuff?

This is peak 2019 – Guys, we need to talk about how the knitting community has a racism problem: https://www.vox.com/the-goods/2019/2/25/18234950vmmknitting-racism-instagram-stories

February 18

Shawn MacDonald Oregon – Single (independent)

For All Seasons Light and Momentary – Single [Centricity]

James Gardin Sweet Jesus EP [illetct]

London Gatch New Stories [BEC Worship]

Michael W. Smith AWAKEN: The Surrounded Experience [The Fuel]I do dig how he uses featuring artists to take the rock star status of himself.

The Tommies Reunion The Tommies Reunion [Tyscot]Live Black Gospel.

UPPERROOM To The One [The Fuel]