Ep 95: I’m All Alone, and So Lost Without You.

Mini AOC has left the internet due to too many death threats from the left.

Trump said that the military took over the airports during the Revolutionary War

Nike recalls Betsy Ross shoes because of racism.

NC man sues hardee’s over a lack of hash browns.

Bishop borrows helicopter to dump holy water on an entire city to remove the demons.

Literal devil woman attacks family in their home.

Mexican city covered in 5 feet of ice.

Stranger Things 3 Quick Review.

Intro Music:
Title: By The Sword
Artist: Ethan Meixsell

Ep 94: Hide it under a Bushel, No?

Half the internet went down this week

Wallet study shows that people are actually pretty likely to return your wallet- especially if there’s money in it! 

Keith Getty on the ‘narcissism’ of modern Christian music and the revival he longs to see

Bethel’s Amanda Lindsey Cook reveals why she went silent, what she learned during difficult season

Donkey that retired after giving children rides for 20 years is stabbed in London

Like with Pinterest, someone from Google has come forward to talk about how Google’s algorithms work.

Ep 93: Murder is the Line

And new music!

Ep 92: A Sarcastic Line of Pentecostals

And New music!

Ep 91: Punching Up

It’s D-Day

And New music!

Ep 89: Movin’ On Up

  • The end of Game of Thrones.
  • All in the family and the Jefferson’s

And new music this week!

Ep 88 : Rawr You Guys

  • My power went out an I thought the end had come
  • Rome is opening an exorcism course.
  • #sexstrike
  • Bit of a funny story. Regents Park Police in the UK conducted a weapons sweep and in the meantime were given a host of weapons from some shop to keep them from getting into the wrong hands. Weapons include mostly kitchen/chef knives and what not, but among them were also a fencing rapier and a spoon.
  • Fans have put out a petition to remake Season 8 of GoT
  • Upcoming Movie about Tammy Fay Bakker.