Ep 51: Faking America Great Again

Recorded 8/2/2018 with Britton, Nick, Chris, Ashley, and Joe.

  • Did you guys need your ID to buy groceries lately? Bc Trump thinks we need it.
  • Medicaid is now being forced to cover gender dysphoria paying for sex changes.
  • Federal judge orders Wisconsin to pay for gender reassignment surgeries – The Hill
  • Trump Derangement Syndrome is totally real
  • Netflix is removing the reviews function. They cite declining usage as the reason but could it possibly be more than that?
  • Woman in Australia marries herself (symbolically)
  • Three months ago Underoath released an album. We talked a little bit about how the Christian community has been absolutely horrible to the singer for his open battle with drug addiction. Well it seems that it hasn’t let up at all
  • Apple is now worth a Trillion dollars

Music July 27

KJ-52 and Goldin Child Sons of Intellect (Expanded Re-Release) (independent)

Joel Vaughn Control, Vol. 1 EP [DREAM]


Ep. 50 – Good on You and I’m Sorry

Recorded 7/26 with Britton, Nick, and Ashley

Welcome to Episode 50!

Confession: I don’t understand the straw outrage.  I don’t use straws. Because no one looks cool drinking out of a straw. And you don’t need a straw for fine whiskey. But… if you want to use one of those cool stainless steel reusable straws.. I say have at it. But don’t be a jerk about it. Some people don’t have them. Don’t be like that hipster you hated before it was cool.

Are we going to war, or just expecting higher gas prices? – Trump v Iran tweets

James Gunn is dropped by Marvel for ancient tweets about rape jokes. This has brought about a huge slew of people digging through other people’s work to out them for the things they’ve said in the past. Patton Oswalt said he was a proud pedophile and that NAMBLA members should be allowed to have sex with anyone they want because it’ll make the world safer. Ohhh boy, we’ll never make it anywhere with our jokes if this becomes the norm.

England is a strange country: If the landlords would just fix the gate they wouldn’t have that issue. People are dumb. This isn’t about England it’s about people not wanting to take personal liability for stupid. I still blame England.

Vatican-approved journal hits out at ‘dangerous and different’ prosperity gospel – Christian Today

A presenter for the popular conservative network CRTV posted a satirical video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that was cut up and intentionally taken out of context for comedy of the host interviewing the woman. Actual news sources started publishing articles about this but had to start rewriting retractions once they found out it was fake. Now left wing outlets are super mad:

My favorite new memes are the “Darn those white people and their” *shuffles cards* “(insert totally sensible thing)” then it’s backed up by an article that shows what they are talking about.

Speaking of whites: Shark Week, anyone watch any of it?

Music for July 18

TobyMac I Just Need U – Single [Forefront]

Pat Barrett Pat Barrett [Capitol CMG]

Eisley I’m Only Dreaming…Of Days Long Past [Equal Vision]

WILKES WILKES EP (independent)

New MXpX project


Ep 49: I’m Sorry Jesus

Recorded on July 17, 2018 with Britton, Nick, Chris, Ashley, and Joe!

  • Treason! Or not.
  • Prime day – Christmas in July.
  • Preaching and teach in the context of the listener
  • Daycare Operator Who Hung Toddler From a Noose Avoids Prison
  • Cheviot cafe gets some heat after offering discount to churchgoing customers
  • Katy Perry discusses being a Christian and meeting the Pope.
  • I refuse to watch a single lipsync battle put out by police depts
  • Spotify, why are you so trash?

Music for July 13

  • Lauren Daigle You Say (Single) [Centricity]
  • Koryn Hawthorne Unstoppable [RCA Inspiration]
  • Hillsong Worship There Is More: Studio Sessions EP [Hillsong]
  • Jordan Family Band Reach [Skyland Records]
  • NEEDTOBREATHE Forever On Your Side (CD) [Atlantic]
  • Planetshakers Heaven on Earth Part 2 EP [Integrity]
  • The Protest Legacy [RockFest]
  • Martin Smith Love Song for a City [Integrity]

Ep48 – Et Tu Papa John?

Recorded July 12, 2018.
Hosted by Britton, Nick, Chris, Ashley, and Joe!

  • Hq trivia
  • Chris watched Hannah Gadsby. I’m interested to hear his thoughts.
  • Ashley is allowed 2 minutes to tell us about her concert experience. Joe gets five minutes to tell us how much he hated it.
  • Star Wars director says that there will be “consequences” to people boycotting Solo and hating on Episode 8.
  • Paula White (Trump’s spiritual advisor) felt the need to clarify that Jesus was not an illegal immigrant when he went to Egypt…. because we all needed that clarity?
  • Those kids in Thailand wow
  • Papa John resigns after saying the N-Word despite using it as a quote while in context to condemning racism.

Music for week of July 6

GAWVI Fight For Me (feat. Lecrae) – Single [Reach]
Lexi Just Listen: The Remixes EP [Capitol]
Aaron Strumpel Mighty Refuge (independent)

We are not authorized to say that word.

Recorded June 29,2018 with Britton, Nick, Chris, and Ashley.

10 Church Activities That Need To Go:

New Music

Derren Brown: Miracle – Our Thoughts

Fades Away Resurrection Part I EP [Voluminous]

Here Be Lions Only a Holy God [Live] [Integrity]

Impending Doom The Sin and Doom Vol. II [eOne]

Javen Grace [Tyscot]

Lecrae Let the Trap Say Amen [Reach]

Peabod Healthy Snacks [Centricity]

If Owl City made a rap album it would be this.

Plumb Beautifully Broken [Centricity]

Matthew West All In (Re-Release) [Sparrow Records]

Urban Rescue Run (single) (Independent)

The Worst Border Problem Commentary Ever

Recorded June 22, 2018. Hosted by Britton, Nick, Ashley, and Joe!


  • Somniscape Calm Volume 1 (independent)
  • Fred Hammond The Best Of Fred Hammond [Verity]
  • Chris McClarney Breakthrough [Jesus Culture]
  • Jasmine Murray Fearless [Fair Trade Services]
  • Nobigdyl. Solar [Capitol CMG]

Trump’s Space Farce

Recorded June 18, 2018 with Britton, Nick, Joe, and Ashley.


Music for June 8

This is the Bride of Christ?

Recorded June 7, 2018
Recorded by Britton, Nick, Chris, and Ashley.

Music for the week ofJune 1

  • The Choir Bloodshot [Galaxy21]
  • The Isaacs Favorites: Revisited By Request [Gaither]
  • Leigh Nash Don’t Get Me Wrong – Single [iTunes] (independent)
  • Owl City Cinematic (independent?
  • Chris August Seasons (independent)


Roseanne Committed a Racism

Recorded on May 31, 2018 by Britton, Nick, Ashley, and Chris.

Confession: I treated Memorial Day like a free day off instead of taking time to think about the patriots who died and such. I did too. Sorry to all the soldiers out there. Confession from me: I may have said something about this being the anniversary of Harambe’s death and then took the post down once I realized I didn’t say anything about Memorial Day.

The search for the Malaysian flight from years ago has finally come to a close. There’s been no new information and nothing has been found. Basically weather is the reason as to why they stopped. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-44285241 Aliens?

Roseanne got herself cancelled. Tinfoil hat time: She pissed off the libs when her character supported Trump. It was a rather hilarious plot point that they never forgave her for. The entire run was met with people wanting her off the air because of her politics. Now several hours after the dumbest tweet in recent weeks her show is cancelled. Were they already looking for a reason to pull it?  But really they should kill her off – she ended the season by being fearful of being put under for her knee surgery.

Meanwhile Samantha been calls Ivanka a feckless c**t and there is no outrage.

Jesse Duplantis wants a new airplane.

Oldest snippet of the gospel of mark identified.

Music this week:

Riley Clemmons Better For It – Single [Capitol]

Steven Curtis Chapman Remember To Remember – Single [Provident]

Mark Lee Unshakable Heart EP (independent)

Millennial Reign The Great Divide [Ulterium] 

WHATUPRG Pleasant Hill EP [Reach]