You Don’t Have to Live Like This

This week we talk about the baker who won’t make gay or satanic cake, former President Cop-a-Feel, the JFK files, Corey Feldman’s personal quest, more #metoo, Taylor Swift tragedy call out, modern dating, Christian music nostalgia, and the fat coach the reminds of Rob Bell.

Gay cake continues. A Colorado baker is asked to bake a cake to celebrate Lucifer’s birthday.

Former President George H.W. Bush has been accused of touching the ladies. He say’s he’s David Cop a Feel. We have no defense for the president, but this isn’t as Weinstein like as some people are acting.

New JFK files are out. And people are losing their minds. Does anyone think we are going to have Bay of Pigs 2?

Corey Feldman is going to fight the Hollywood child prostitution rings. Why hasn’t anyone talked about him and his buddy Michael Jackson?

The problem with #metoo is it is so hard to prove and the cards are stacked against the victims. Case in point, Cosby’s accuser tried to prosecute when the event happened and the people in power wouldn’t touch it.

Taylor Swifts calls out the tragedy one uppers. Also Ashley says T-Swizzle.

Modern non-dating and why Snapchat can’t replace take a date to dinner.

Christian Contemporary artist is now a life coach. Also, you need to listen to Carman to understand Christian music of the 80s and 90s.

This leads to a conversation about 80s and 90s Christian music.

Also, where is the Power Team now?

Briton got a fat coach, and had a Rob Bell moment.