Trump’s Favorite ****hole Podcast


This week’s topics:

VCR Programming 101 and what the kids these days don’t understand about life without the internet.

This week’s new Christian music review:

  • Jason Upton: A Table Full of Strangers, Vol. 2
  • Kevin Max: AWOL (Side One)
  • Brooke Robertson: Have My Heart EP

We’re getting a little tired of Winter Jam. So we skipped it this year.

Do people still do the 30 hour famine? And what about the Daniel Fast? Should corporate fasting, with all of its attention grabbing shenanigans, be something we concentrate on every January?

Who is ready for President Oprah? We’re already exhausted of the 2020 presidential race.

President’s Trump’s sack of Big Macs.

Also, Trump said ****hole countries.

Warped Moral Codes

Video Game addiction and Overwatch Leaque

Story Time about ‘the laying on of hands’ at church camp.