Trump Shaming the Christian Segregation

CVC Podcast Recorded September 7, 2017

Hosts Britton, Nick, and Ashley take on DACA, a Lakewood Church offering gone wrong, hash tag empty the pews, an all new neo-nazi test for kids!, the new white christian minority, and the shaming of pumpkin spice lovers everywhere.


What will be done about the people protected by the DACA program?  Can President Trump and the republicans pull of a replace program?

Joel Osteen take up an offering

They passed out the offering plates on Sunday right after having victims of the hurricane stand up, recognized, and then prayed for. There’s no mention of whether any of that money is being used to help these congregation members or no


This hash tag has been trending recently. I understand the frustration of today’s church, the hypocrisy that exists, and the power struggles.  But can’t the church be redeemed too?  Will it ever change if the idea people leave?

The Neo-Nazi Test, Now for Kids!

A Calgary Police department put together a list of things that might be an indicator that your child is a neo-nazi, also as it turns out we may all be neo-nazis. The Calgary Police in Canada have put out a list of things that might be an indicator that your child could be a neo-nazi. One of those things is listening to heavy rock music.

White Christians are now a minority at 46% in America

While it doesn’t bother anyone at cvcpodcast about the white part, we are concerned that so few people even claim to be a part of the Christian faith. What will Christian leaders do with this information?

Pumpkin Spice and White People Shaming

First there was pumpkin spice. Then came the memes about people who are way too excited about the pumpkin spice.  Now we have the shaming of pumpkin spice lovers and enthusiast, also known as the white girls.