To Catch a Preterist

Confession: Sometimes we watch religious TV

Britton watches Jimmy Swaggart . Jim likes to watch the Gaither Homecoming videos.  Isn’t funny that after all of these years these things still exist?  New content is created that is exactly the same feel as it was when our parents were kids.

Also, Jim wants to go to a Benny Hinn Crusade.


Nick discovers GodTube, and realizes its mostly a bunch links back to YouTube.

Britton is going to sign up for the free PureFlix trial in hopes of finding Christian film makers making quality cinema.

Do we need Christian alternatives?

Christians have a bad habit of playing cultural catch-up. Instead of pushing a medium forward, we copy what the mainstream culture does. GodTube is christian version of YouTube, and PureFlix is a Christian version of Netflix. Neither copy does anything better than the original, so why do it? Should we be a part of the mainstream culture, contributing our content to what they do?

Do they still believe that? Purity Rings

Purity rings are a part of christian youth culture. After a long curriculum in christian sex ed, which basically abstinence – students are given a purity ring? But how many stay virgins?

The Wisconsin Microchip Mark of the Beast

A new RFID chip is available to put in your wrist at a corporation in Wisconsin.  This can replace the ID badge. But for those of us who grew up in the church, this sounds like the mark of the beast. While we don’t think that this is what that is, we’re still hesitant from superstition.