There Will Be No Hanky Nor Panky

Record April 26, 2018
Hosted By Britton, Nick, and Ashley

Bill Cosby is found guilty of sexual assault from 14 years ago.

David Hogg got himself a book deal about the shootings and how he organized the gun movement.

California wants to secede from the Union. All they have to do is collect enough signatures and then it’ll go to a statewide vote. They only need 366,000 signatures.

The Kanye West Trump support is the best thing on the internet right now. It’s hilarious in all forms.

Incredibly popular EDM artist Avicii has died. Cause unknown. It’s EDM so I’m assuming drugs or alcohol.

Verne Troyer died.

Monkey’s can’t sue for copyright.

GQ tells people the Bible is overrated and they don’t need to read it. People are losing their minds because GQ is made up of literary experts we should trust?

Music this week!

Jason Crabb Unexpected [Provident]

Stryper God Damn Evil [Frontiers]

Roy Tosh Above the Water [RMG Amplify]

Vertical Worship Bright Faith Bold Future [Essential Worship]