Summa Cum Laude is Latin

Recorded May 24, 2018 with Britton, Nick, Ashley, and Joe!

Spiritual Warfare – the Christian NES that you never knew you didn’t want.

Ashley went to a Christian school graduation, and it was painful. Pledges to Christian flags and bibles, Micheal W Smith’s “Friends”, Ray Boltz’s “Thank you for giving to the Lord,” bibles given to Christian school kids with teachers signatures (I affectionately called that a yearbook bible), and having to ask forgiveness for calling the Bible a “book”… not to mention there was a song in between each speech…. Football referee-type MC. She’s incredibly mad about this. Don’t forget the girl that they forced to give a speech and is super shy about it.

There was a Royal wedding. It was a big deal across the pond.

Houston’s school shooting that I don’t know enough about.

MTV suspends the show ‘Catfish’ after claims of sexual misconduct from executive producer:  

See, it’s ironic because he catfished his audience into thinking he was a decent human being.

WTF is up with Allison Mack. This all literally sounds like something from Smallville. The misspelled cult (multi level marketing organization to empower women, or some white nonsense) name Nxivm, which I’m sure is a heartburn medication.

Morgan Freeman is the next to fall to #metoo and for some reason I’m not surprised.

Grads, watch your honors language! “Summa Cum Laude” banned from grad cake

Shane Claiborne wants a revival in Lynchburg, Va.  Liberty university apparently think they own Lynchburg.

Donald Trump is legally not allowed to block people Twitter because it violates the First Amendment.

The question here being, if it’s unconstitutional for Trump, why is it not for us? I understand it’s a whole position of power thing, but if the law is supposed to be spread evenly, then it should apply to everyone. What would happen if Trump just decided to delete his Twitter account? Is that unconstitutional too?

They keep every tweet in the archives. But he’s not gonna delete it. It’s what got him elected and it’s his favorite way to complain to the American people.

Is it all people or just US citizens????? Exactly.

May 18
Tori Harper – Seasons EP [The Fuel]
Jason Nelson – Answer [RCA Inspiration]
UPPERROOM – Moments [The Fuel]