Stephen Hawking Rolls on to Heaven

Ashley hates us and said we were stupid. That’s why she’s not here this week.  (I believe the correct term was “dumb boys”)

March Madness.  Did you fill out your bracket?

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, there’s no music this week!

Stephen Hawking has died:

Here are his final words:

Stryper has a new music video out!

Much better than the last one but I still can’t stand Michael Sweets voice.

Trump’s coming for our Vidya Gaymes (probably/probably not). I know, I know, it’s a Breitbart article, but I’ve read through it and it’s a really good article that pretty much echoes most of the things that I’ve been hearing for the past 10 years about all of this stuff. I’ll put my notes to the article on the page below to keep this page orderly:

The part where Nick eats some crow and maybe likes it. A teacher in a California school was ironically teaching about gun safety when the idiot shot the gun and injured a student.

A nun dropped dead in court the other day while in a law suit against Katy Perry. KP wants to buy their monastery that they supposedly bought awhile back