Roseanne Committed a Racism

Recorded on May 31, 2018 by Britton, Nick, Ashley, and Chris.

Confession: I treated Memorial Day like a free day off instead of taking time to think about the patriots who died and such. I did too. Sorry to all the soldiers out there. Confession from me: I may have said something about this being the anniversary of Harambe’s death and then took the post down once I realized I didn’t say anything about Memorial Day.

The search for the Malaysian flight from years ago has finally come to a close. There’s been no new information and nothing has been found. Basically weather is the reason as to why they stopped. Aliens?

Roseanne got herself cancelled. Tinfoil hat time: She pissed off the libs when her character supported Trump. It was a rather hilarious plot point that they never forgave her for. The entire run was met with people wanting her off the air because of her politics. Now several hours after the dumbest tweet in recent weeks her show is cancelled. Were they already looking for a reason to pull it?  But really they should kill her off – she ended the season by being fearful of being put under for her knee surgery.

Meanwhile Samantha been calls Ivanka a feckless c**t and there is no outrage.

Jesse Duplantis wants a new airplane.

Oldest snippet of the gospel of mark identified.

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Riley Clemmons Better For It – Single [Capitol]

Steven Curtis Chapman Remember To Remember – Single [Provident]

Mark Lee Unshakable Heart EP (independent)

Millennial Reign The Great Divide [Ulterium] 

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