Positive, Encouraging CVC

No Shave November,  The Texas Shooting, Billy Graham is 99, an Exorcism gone wrong, New Christian Rock, Puff Daddy Love, an unlikely candidate for president in Russia, and the sermon with weak sauce, all on this week’s episode of CVC.

Recorded November 9, 2017.
Hosted by Britton, Ashley, and Nick 

No Shave November

We are participating in No Shave November by default.  Nick hasn’t shaved in ten years, and Britton doesn’t care for his chin.

Texas Church Shooting

Twenty-Six dead and twenty more injured. The latestabout the event is that they are going to demolish the church because it’s too stark of a reminder of the events that happened. The pastor wants to turn it into a memorial to the people lost and he has hopes of building a new church on a plot of land that the church owns.

Billy Graham is 99

Graham is America’s pastor. He has managed to have a ministry last for decades without major scandals.  What can we learn from Graham’s style of ministry.

I Revoke You Demons

A Jail nurse accused of performing exorcism on inmate. The inmate eventually died. If only she knew that you had to rebuke demons instead of revoking them.


Help us find new Christian music!

Britton blames worship music for the fall of Christian music. Also, Casting Crowns is mom rock.

I don’t want to pile insults on Worship or CCM or KLOVE. That’s the easy criticism and has honestly been done by a lot of malcontents for laughs.  That stuff works for the people it works for,  but some of us of have some different preferences and tastes.


Other funny stories of the week

An Adult Film Star Runs for President of Russia
Her new policies are terrifying. You can read them here: http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2017/11/03/porn-star-will-run-putin-wants-death-penalty-sexual-harassment-weinstein/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social

Puff Daddy, PDiddy, Sean Puffy Combs is now Love.

Sunday Sermons that don’t go deep

Ashley has often called most preaching surface level (correctly). Should preaching be more like a movie, or tv show with a season arc? Most of the time we get the trailer instead of the movie…