Our Christian Conspiracy Theories

Recorded on 9/21/2017
Hosted by Britton, Nick, and Ashley

Hurricane Irma is not Hurricane Irene

We had to retract our Irene statements and replace them with Irma.

Press Conference Uses Terrible Sign Language Interpreter

A less than stellar interpreter is asked to sign a press conference. He signed many things like ‘Bear Monster’ and ‘Move that Bus!’ We also get a lesson from our own interpreter and how wrong this guy one.

September 23, the Beginning of the End

After joking around for weeks that the eclipse started the tribulation period, one group of folks now say the September 23 is going to start the beginning of the end.

Should we be throwing an End of the World Party again?

Regardless of whether anything happens, the astrology aspect is really fun to watch.  All of this leads us to ask what really is brewing with all the fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, rumors of wars,  and trumps sounding.

We also wonder if things like the Equifax breach will lead to major security issues leading to new forms of ID to keep our identity safe.  Cue the christian conspiracy theories! Regardless of eschatology, this stuff is fun to watch.

Christian Movie Throwback: A Thief in the Night Movies

Thief in the night was the first movie series about Christian prophecies. It has the quality of a grind house drive-in B-movie. With elements of horror, this is not like the shiny happy Christian movies you’ll usually find on PureFlix.

This movie series includes four movies: 


  • Thief in the Night (1972)
  • A Distant Thunder (1978)
  • Image of the Beast (1981)
  • The Prodigal Planet (1982)

Australian Church Hates Gay marriage on Church Sign

An Australian church puts up sign declaring that marriage is between a man and a woman. The backlash has been huge with people posting things on Facebook, even suggesting that people carry gasoline down to set the place on fire.

Gay Cake

While this issue is a few years old, we take on this conversation and decided that we like cake with butter creme icing.

Remember 911 a Week Late

Last week didn’t talk about 911 in a world where we say we will never forgot.