Lookin’ at Cooze with Ted Cruz

CVC Podcast Recorded September 14, 2017

Hosts Britton and Nick riff on the funny and interesting stories of the past week. This week we cover Hurricane Irma and the theological opinions of Kirk Cameron, the new country music stylings of David Crowder, Ted Cruz’s dirty twitter like,  a church statement about white supremacy, The feminization of Christianity, PewDiePie’s terrible mouth.

Kirk Cameron wants us to be humble so we don’t get anymore hurricanes.

At least he didn’t blame it on gay people.  Kirk Cameron decided to make a video in an airport to talk about the coming Hurricane Irma. It turns out that God is putting is power on display to make us humble.

David Crowder Goes Country

David Crowder is an artistic favorite of ours.  He’s dabble in a lot of kinds of music. This time he goes country in this new video.

Ted Cruz’s Dirty Twitter Like

Ted Cruz’s Twitter account showed us a little bit about his (or some social media intern’s) porn habits.  Hilarity ensues.

A Church Statement About White Supremacy

Another church statement asking for signatures.  As a follow up to our talk about the Nashville Statement, we cover this new declaration and talk about the why all of these declarations asking for signatures may not be the best way to go.  Also, will thee statements be as important as the work of say Martin Luther?


The Feminization of Christianity

Has the church been formed for the needs of women more than men?

PewDiePie Drops the “N” Word

PewDiePie says the worst thing possible live on Twitch. He apologized later. We ask if this makes him a racist, or just a really big jerk.