Journal This Kid Rock!

The CVC Podcast returns with new observations of christian culture.


  • Bible Journaling
    This inspirational art form is all the rage, so Britton got a journaling bible. It is the Crossway Journaling Bible.  Many folks love to draw in these bibles. The book includes wide, lined columns.  While many draw out scriptures for inspiration, others may find it useful to jot notes into the scripture. The extra space allows you express ideas and make bullets lists.
  • YouTube prejudice
    Is YouTube prejudiced against the right and the religious? It appears that in YouTube’s attempt to please advertisers, it video sharing service is disenfranchising their creators and taking away their money stream.
  • Where is the gritty christian art?
    We need Christian art that goes beyond the inspirational. We need art that allows the artist express themselves, instead of the current trend of appearing religious.
  • Senator Kid Rock
    Kid Rock is running for Senator and he makes compelling political arguments for Nick. He does not back down from his foul mouthed politically incorrect ways and calls it as he sees it.
  • What still offends people
    There was a time when Christians would have a heart attack at certain images and curse words. It was deemed offensive. And while Christianity still likes its squeaky clean image, we find that some subject matter is now okay to talk about and certain words can be used for emphasis.
  • Pop Music Ripoffs.
    Kutlass’ King of My Heart and Weezer’s Say in aint so play nice together. It is so compatible we made a mashup!