Jason Crabb is Southern Gospel’s Eddie Vedder

Britton, Nick, and Ashley record on April 5, 2008.

Kids have stopped eating Tide Pods and have instead started snorting condoms. If only their parents had used them this wouldn’t be a thing.

This is the woman that shot up the YouTube HQ. Some people were saying she did it because of a boyfriend, now the story is that she did it because of the demonetization and censorship on the platform.

The real question is.. Why did the outlet Mashable photoshop her to look more white? They lightened her skin and gave her green eyes. https://twitter.com/FrexB/status/981408145087004672

A Pastor in Florida tells his church he saw Jesus in a waking vision

Jesus Christ Superstar was solid. And now I have a crush on Mary (Sara Bareilles).

Mike from MXPX on Fixer Upper

Music this week

Steffany Gretzinger Blackout [Bethel]

Light the Way False Memory Syndrome [Indie Vision Music]

Andrew Peterson Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1 [Centricity]

My Epic Ultraviolet EP [Facedown]

The Talleys Finest Hour [Horizon]

Point of Grace Beautiful Name: Hymns & Worship Songs [Lifeway]