If Only T-Bone Was A Steak

Record 3/22/2018
Hosted by Britton, Nick, and Ashley

Stormy Daniels and Donald trump. Here’s the thing: I’m being told as a Christian I should be offended. And some Christians don’t care for the wrong reasons. Of course he had affairs. Do I care about his business. Not at all.

Of course are information was being used for this stuff.  IDK if our names are attached to our data, if there were profiles or what. But NONE of this is a shock. Previous candidates and at least one President DID THE SAME THING.

Comedian Hannibal Buress has his mic cut after making offensive jokes at a Catholic University. His joke was about child molestation and presumably the Catholics:


Student is suspended for not participating in the student walkouts over the gun debate. The story is that instead of wanting to pick a side and remain neutral, he stayed in the classroom instead of going to either the walkout or the alternative study hall. He was suspended because he refused and the school couldn’t leave him unsupervised.


Hulu new show about Satanic Panic

A new Apostle Paul film getting limited release. Jim Caviezel plays John.

Apparently, I Can Only Imagine the major motion picture isn’t that bad.

Larry Norman would hate today’s Christian Rock

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