I Can Be Your Boyfriend in Christ

Recorded on 4/19/2018

Ashley has a confession and it will probably bar her from out music segment forever

We should probably talk about the Syria stuff.

Christian metal lost a band…. Good Luck Underoath.

Christian Metal lost a band, but they gained a few Beliebers in the process. Justin Bieber led a worship service at Coachella on Sunday. https://relevantmagazine.com/culture/justin-bieber-led-worship-coachella-event/

Walmart refuses to carry Stryper’s God Damn Evil.

Gallup poll taken and Shocker: Music isn’t the reason people go to church!

CVC Obituaries

Lee Ermey has died. So has Harry Anderson from Night Court, Barbara Bush, Carl Kassel (NPR), and a wrestler named Bruno Samarttino.

Starbucks is closing over 8,000 stores on May 29 to conduct racial-bias education. Apparently this all comes after a manager was fired due to calling the cops on a couple of black guys who were sitting in the store and waiting on another friend to show up. They were hauled out by the cops.  Because my fucking coffee needs to be politically active. You know how you make people racist?By telling them they can’t order black coffee because it’s offensive. It’s COC coffee now.  https://twitter.com/ABC/status/986300828339331072

Bully Hunters follow up: It was a disaster as imagined and has been completely killed off by the people that started it. A few things that were found out:

  • The whole thing was staged. Some of the “victims” were actually hunters as well. The footage that they showed was impossible for them to get based on the games own parameters.
  • Instances of the Hunters being crap at the game.
  • A host had video surfacing afterwards of her saying some terrible things on her livestreams about people. Name calling etc.
  • It was supposed to be an hour but was instead 35 minutes.
  • If you went to their website and clicked the link to take you to their twitter, it took you to a completely different persons twitter who was unassociated with the BH and himself was a rape victim.
  • Numbers of harassment having been horribly inflated.
  • They brought in a “clinical gamer counselor” who actually isn’t that at all after a google search.

Music this week

  • Christafari – Original Love [Lion of Zion]
  • LEDGER – LEDGER EP [Hear It Loud/Atlantic]
  • LOVECOLLIDE – Tired of Basic [The Fuel Music]
  • Mainframe – Burn Your Boats EP [IVM]