I Am A Tree

Recorded on 1/18/2018
Hosted by Britton, Nick, and Ashley

Deficit Chicken!
Britton makes a feeble attempt at explaining the debt ceiling. It will all fall down eventually. Also, stack silver. The story of the talents is about the rich getting richer and the dumb getting poorer.

Oprah and Weinstein
Pictures of Oprah and Weinstein hanging out could make her run a bit more complicated.

James Franco and Aziz Ansari 
Proving once again that Hollywood operates like a bunch of horny frat boys in college.

Twitter is Shadow Banning and Saving Everything
You know what, just don’t trust social media at all.

Destiny Pants and Bethel Tarot Cards
This is what the Christian industry has come to.

We also cover the societal problem of yoga pants.

What are kids eating Tide Pods.
Probably because they’re trying to cleanse the gene pool.

What’s with all of these challenges?
Remember when the youth pastor challenged you?

This Week in Christian Music

  • Dave Barnes Who Knew It Would Be So Hard (Vol. 2) – EP
  • International House of Prayer of Kansas City Fully Alive
  • Nicole C. Mullen Like Never Before
  • Remedy Drive The North Star
  • Rapture Ruckus Ignition EP

We review the Ragamuffin Movie
A story about Rich Mullins.

The Pumpkin is fit for office.