Gimmick Prophecy and Package Enlargments

Bethel’s Prophecy School, Jesus Culture Music, The church practice of ‘reading your mail,’ judgment houses, Hollywood implosions, male organ enlargement by prayer, #metoo, Jim Bakker makes a threat, and God’s Not three all on this episode of the cvcPodcast.

Recorded Thursday, October 19, 2017.
Hosted By Britton, Nick, and Ashley.

Bethel Prophecy School

Bethel has been slowly taking over a small town with a prophecy school.  How much of this is biblical and what is the motivation behind it? Is it money or do the organizers believe they are training people properly to work in the gifts of the spirit.

Also Jesus Culture may be the most influential worship sound out right now.
Aside: Nick recommends August Burn’s Red new album

The Pentecostal practice of reading your mail.

Do they still do this: Judgement Houses!

We ask if you still do it, and can scaring someone out of hell actually work?

Hollywood ratings and implosions.

Hollywood movie sales are down because of producer dabbling. Can auteur style film break out anymore? Also the recent allegations of sexual abuse in the industry isn’t helping anything.

Male organ enlargement by the power of prayer

A pastor from Ghana claims he can heal the male package from smallness with a grab, prayer and shake. 

We have to talk about #metoo

Ashley shares a couple of stories about what she’s had to deal with. And we try to find a clear cultural definition for harassment.

Jim Bakker is going to threaten us all.

Jim Bakker went on a rant against his detractors this week threatening judgement.  We try to help Bakker understand why people may not trust what he has to say.

God’s Not Dead 3

This movie is happening, but we feel like the whole premise is based on straw man arguments. We’ll still watch.

Christian Dating in a age of introverted tech goons.

Dating Tips for a generations of people who don’t date.