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We say goodbye to Tom Petty

Tom Petty’s music is woven into the tapestry of our music culture. While you may have never heard an entire album of his, you are probably more familiar with his body of work than you realize.

CBS is having a rough week

They botched the call on Tom Petty’s death.

Also, CBS top brass made a terrible comments about the voting statistics of country music fans who were on the receiving end of last Sunday’s attack in Las Vegas.

Is the New Star Trek Racist?

Well.. its not. But of course some internet trolls are already finding things to complain about.  Some are yelling racism because they have assigned hatred from the lead character, Michael.

Mark Driscoll is Coming to Patheos

People are angry that Driscoll’s new blog will be housed at Patheos. He’s known as a loud mouthed blow hard among his Christian distractors on the left. Once pastor of Mars Hill, then the largest church in Seattle, he resigned after a debacle centered around plagiarized , his bad attitude, and treatment of congregation members.

Now some Patheos bloggers are leaving the popular site because they do not want to be anywhere near Driscoll.

We have to talk about Las Vegas

We all know the story that happened last week in Las Vegas, there were so many heroic people trying to help others.  On the internet though we have preemptive straw-man arguments starting before we have any facts from gun enthusiasts and gun control advocates.

Also Check out this GoFundMe:

Pat Roberson says something crazy, or does he?

Some creative editing and a clickbait article accuses Pat Roberson of saying Vegas happened because people hate Trump, except he really doesn’t say that at all.

Monopoly Character at Equifax Hearings

A protestor dressed as the Monopoly Monocle guy and sat in camera view at the Equifax Hearings.

The Drunken Time Traveler

A drunk man from 2048 tells us of impending doom, at that’s what he says to the police. This leads us to a comparison to John Titor. This whole conversation breaks down in to sci-fi nerdery. Doctor Who and Star Trek conversation starts here.