Franken vs Moore: The Squeeze Off!

This week on the show, we attempt to sort out this Hollywood mess as it leaks into Washington, DC.


Is it time to boycott Hollywood?

Everyone has either been assault or accused of assaulting someone.  Is it time to pull the plug and go outside for some air?

Or should we boycott the media who just can’t be happy? Seriously, they are never happy. We suspect it is because they expect Hollywood’s latest to change their life, but it is just a movie.

Do the media believe that they are judge and jury?

Speaking of Judges… Hollywood is leaking.

Roy Moore is accused of some horrendous things, so of course some republicans try to pull story out of the Bible, out of context, and completely full of errors.

Lawmakers unveil #metoo congress bill to overhaul sexual harassment policies.

Al Franken for president, but first this picture!

Fake News Train Keeps on a rollin’. This one talks about weiners.

Nick is done with the Walking Dead.