Fill Up the Wax on the Back Side

This week on the show, Britton learns that the teenage vernacular has changed and he can no longer quote Daffy Duck in youth group.

Ashley makes the boys listen to the new Taylor Swift album in exchange for watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We also find out that Nick once wrote trashy romance novels under pseudonym.

We ponder the nature of the Force is Star Wars. What is light, what is dark, what is gray. This is where we wax theological.

More TV shows are ruined by actors not keeping their hands to themselves.  Danny Masterson is no longer on The Ranch. Although allegations where investigated years ago, the stories have come back up and Netflix sent Masterson packing.

Trump moved the capital of Israel?  Not exactly. The media is stating this stuff completely wrong.

Will all the history of false allegations among these true accusations make interacting with people and thing of the past in the near future?

We saw a Christian Alexa, but didn’t realize it was a joke until later.

Do we a Christian litmus test to tell us right from wrong? Do we need a Christian alternative to everything?

Gay Cake is back in the news.  Where is the difference between religious service, political position, and public duty? Kim Davis is going to face reelection competition from a man that she refuse to give a marriage certificate.

Side Note: Singing is like talking in cursive.

Baby its cold outside has been cast as a creepy song for the last few years. Has the internet ruined this song because they didn’t understand the original context?  How does this same notion apply to the Bible?

Ashley and Nick have never seen the Christmas Story.

We also have to take time to explain the Star Wars Holiday Special.