Even Nashvilles Hates the Statement

CVC Podcast Recorded August 31, 2017

Hosts Britton, Jim, Nick, and Ashley take the Houston Floods and Joel Osteen’s alleged church closure, A worship parody, Marriage Counseling, Flannel boards, the Greasy Handed Preacher, The Nashville Statement, and Preacher Memes.

Joel Osteen and Lakewood church (non?) hurricane response is Houston

Joel Osteen should have opened up his church, except that it was flooded. Or was it?  What should a church do in these kind of situations?  Could Joel have done anything to make people happy? The internet has enabled people to create expectations and immediately demand results.  Can anyone live up to that?


A Worship Song Parody ranks on the Christian charts.

The singer for the band Emery wrote a worship song to satire how bad worship songs are. His parody song is outselling major worship songs.

Marriage Counseling

Can marriage counseling be useful?  How should modern Christians handle traditional gender roles, money, sex, and life?

Flannel Boards

Do you remember the Sunday School flannel boards? These were the fuzzy landscapes where people cutouts could be applied to illustrate the stories in the bible.  We miss this old teaching device. Do churches still use them?

A Greasy Handed Preacher

A shady preacher agrees to pray with a young woman about her lust.  Then he anoints her with oil… all over!

The Nashville Statement

A new statement about the LBGTQ+ community sets the internet on fire. Does this statement help anyone, or is it just a line in the sand?

Preacher Memes!

Britton notices that there is a new trend among pastors to quote themselves online. Often they use a custom graphic or meme generator and a hash tag and simply state something they said that they think is particularly brilliant.