Ep48 – Et Tu Papa John?

Recorded July 12, 2018.
Hosted by Britton, Nick, Chris, Ashley, and Joe!

  • Hq trivia
  • Chris watched Hannah Gadsby. I’m interested to hear his thoughts.
  • Ashley is allowed 2 minutes to tell us about her concert experience. Joe gets five minutes to tell us how much he hated it.
  • Star Wars director says that there will be “consequences” to people boycotting Solo and hating on Episode 8.
  • Paula White (Trump’s spiritual advisor) felt the need to clarify that Jesus was not an illegal immigrant when he went to Egypt…. because we all needed that clarity?
  • Those kids in Thailand wow
  • Papa John resigns after saying the N-Word despite using it as a quote while in context to condemning racism.

Music for week of July 6

GAWVI Fight For Me (feat. Lecrae) – Single [Reach]
Lexi Just Listen: The Remixes EP [Capitol]
Aaron Strumpel Mighty Refuge (independent)