Ep 75: Holy Jesus Juices Batman

Last show I said the shutdown would last 60 days and it immediately ended. You’re welcome.

SOTU happened.

If you haven’t seen it yet. I highly suggest watching it just to watch Pelosi. You can tell that she’s the conductor of the whole Democratic platform. She hand waves them to stay silent, she tells them when to stand up. She is in control of all of them. It’s so damn creepy.

Super Bowl was the lowest scoring game in history. It was also the least watched one since 2009. https://bluntforcetruth.com/news/kneeler-nfl-super-bowl-ratings-at-10-year-low/

But what about the ads? What did you all think of them?

“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett claims to have been attacked by two people who screamed “welcome to MAGA country” before beating him, pouring an unknown substance on him, and putting a rope around his neck. He claims it’s because he’s black and gay. All footage that the police have gone through so far have yet to actually find any evidence of any attackers. Update: Police have two suspects that they are searching for, but have yet to bring anyone in for questioning. The best part is that when he gave his initial report, he didn’t even mention the MAGA line. It wasn’t until after he announced that specific part to the world, that the police contacted him again to have him add it to his statement. This feels fake and like a massive bait.   https://news.yahoo.com/police-no-footage-yet-alleged-attack-empire-actor-153052306.html?fbclid=IwAR1P1X1vEq1hDcaii8zh7u9_4ppK3M7NZKyRXS1NDiJsTks3estErUlPc04

Covington Catholic kids prepare letters to media outlets a celebrities to sue for libel. https://trib.al/viQp1qm

Buzzfeed has removed and ended their Opinion section and laid off the “journalists” there. Digital media is having large bouts of layoff recently and of course they are crying about it. While I have no love for Buzzfeed and their trash, what’s even more concerning is that Twitter is now reportedly banning people for telling those journalists to “learn to code”: https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/techwatch/alexander-hall/2019/01/29/twitter-accused-banning-accounts-tweeting-learn-code

Woman kicked off flight because she was sat in between two fat pigs.

Ariana Grande got a new tattoo in Japanese. It’s supposed to say “7 Rings” which is the name of her song. It really means BBQ Grill

Holy milk in Brazil

January 25

Bethel Music Victory [Bethel]

Casey J The Gathering [Integrity / Tyscot]

Black gospel

Catch the Fire Presence (Live from Toronto) [The Fuel]

Lauren Daigle You Say (Piano/Vocal) – Single [Centricity]

Equippers Worship Equippers Worship [DREAM Worship]

For All Seasons Every Good Thing – Single [Centricity]

A very radio friendly song.

m The Second City [IVAV / Word]

People of the Earth Victory EP [Capitol CMG]

.John Waller Explosions of Light [Radiate Music]

Vineyard Worship UK & Ireland Twelve:One – Dave Miller Live From Trent Vineyard [Vineyard Worship UK]

Matt Hammitt Living Room Sessions (Acoustic) – EP [FCM]

We Are Messengers The Devil Is A Liar – Single [Word/Curb]

February 1

Apollo LTD Heaven (All Around You) – Single [Centricity]

The Singing Contractors Working On A Building, Hymns and Gospel Classics [Gaither]

Black Gospel.

Passion Follow You Anywhere (Live) (CD) [SixSteps]

The Ruins The Ruins – EP [DREAM]