Ep 71: New Years Jollies

Happy New year!

  • New year’s diet fad?
  • Christian subreddits…
  • Audio has been recorded from one of Louis C.K’s new stand up routines. People are going after him now because of what he talked about and have made him out to be some sort of right wing comedian. It’s like people are just now figuring out that his comedy is meant to be heinous and that’s what makes him funny.
  • Elizabeth Warren announces Presidential run.
  • Air1 worship__

No music. We can use this time to give our Top 3 picks from this year.

Britton Picks

  • Bloodshot by The Choir
  • Listener: ,being Empty Being Filled
  • Mark Lee Townsend: the ballad of rexford

Nick Picks

  • Fit For A King – Dark Skies
  • Amongst the Giants – Obscene
  • Bonus (non-christian) Breaking Benjamin – Ember, Into Eternity – The Sirens

Ashley Picks

  • Levi the Poet – Cataracts
  • MAE – Multisensory Aesthetic Experience
  • Crowder –  I Know A Ghost