Ep 53: Hats Off to the Sky King

Hosted by Britton, Nick, Michelle, and Joe!

“This week on the CVC Podcast:

  • R-E-S-T  I P Aretha
  • A man goes joyriding in a plane
  • Women are being alienated by #metoo




Confession: I only know one Aretha Franklin song.

Sky King
Some dude stole an airplane and flew it around before crashing it. He was the only person on board. The tapes are crazy. #skyking

Story: https://blog.alaskaair.com/alaska-airlines/horizon-air-aircraft/

Audio from the plane (Tweet thread): https://twitter.com/jwsthomson/status/1028134044502908929

#meToo Toxicity
The results of the #metoo movement are happening exactly as I predicted last year. With the amount of #metoo allegations coming out of the woodwork, ironically, the people most negatively affected by the movement in everyday life, are women. Why? Because men have stopped socializing with them and refuse to even go near them in the workplace: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2018/08/02/metoo-backlash-corporate-canada_a_23494668/

I guess this is the anniversary of the Charlottesville stuff and ANTIFA is out protesting again. The problem? There must not be any right wingers there to fight because they have decided to attack the police and an NBC reporter. Update: Turns out only something in the realm of 20 “nazis” actually showed up. The people protesting them? Mobs of them.

https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1028455276536582149 Reporter being confronted.

https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1028450659304132608 Police clashing with Antifa.

The Donalds Star
People are putting down fake Donald Trump stars on the walk of fame in retaliation to his star being constantly destroyed. Its It’s hilarious. https://www.ajc.com/news/national/dozens-fake-donald-trump-stars-appear-hollywood-walk-fame/zt31Hw87khOgiqTAivVvjN/

Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose deactivated her Twitter account after being called out for playing Batwoman. Guess who the people are that caused her to leave? The same people that made Scarlett Johansson leave that one trans movie.


Catholic Sex Misconduct in PA
Biggest investigation into the catholic priests sexual misconducts in Pennsylvania. Over 300 priests found. Over 1000 people over the past few decades actually came forward with their stories but were overlooked. It’s like the movie Spotlight with Micheal Keaton, only an entire state. Not just a city


Free Mom Hugs!
Church in Texas gave out “Free Mom Hugs” at Austin Pride Parade and it’s getting noticed


Music for August 10

  • Jonny Diaz Sweetness & Sorrow [Centricity]
  • TaRanda Greene The Healing [Stowtown]
  • Caitie Hurst How Could I Be Silent – EP [Centricity]
  • Derek Minor The Trap [Reflection]
  • Planetboom LEMME TELLYA [Venture3]
  • Rhett Walker Band Rhett Walker Band – EP [Essential]