Crushed Ribs and Leather

Recorded April 2, 2018

Hosted by Britton, Ashley, and Nick


Our Notes:

Easter was on April Fool’s Day and that’s way too easy of a joke to make, so I’m not going to.

Screw this kid in particular. David Hogg, the kid that’s the face of anti-gun activism from Parkland is complaining that clear backpacks infringe on his Constitutional Rights. Why are we listening to kids about this stuff?

Remington files for Bankruptcy
Remington: Oldest US gunmaker files for bankruptcy – BBC News US

A branch of Planned Parenthood want a Disney Princess that’s had an abortion as a lead, among other things:

I’ll admit, I’m not gonna read the article. I only listed it as a springboard for a talking point. They had an image of the tweet.

Slater got Baptized in the Jordan and he’s catholic

Jesus is a drag queen????????

Sweet Jesus Ice Cream- Sacrilegious

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