Charlottesville and Why We’re All Wrong

Recorded August 17, 2017
Hosted by Britton, Nick, and Ashley

Hillary Clinton Coming out as a Christian Leader

Hillary Clinton wants to become a Christian leader.  We wonder if this means she’ll be preaching in churches and showing up on TV as a religious leader. So why do this now? Is it for power or because she wants to help people?


A woman goes to hell and saw Michael Jackson and the Pope

Do people really go to hell and come back to tell about it? Do people visit heaven for that matter? A bigger question is do Christians believe in hell as a literal place?

The PureFlix Review!

The player is not as good as Netflix, but it works.  There is a lot of classic TV, but not complete series. There are westerns, animation, christian persecution films, Hallmark-like films, stand up comedy, and bible teaching, and church history.  The cost is ten bucks a month. We figured out that people like to watch folks get saved on film the same way romantic comedy fans like to see the first kiss.

Many of the movies are silly and have thin plots, but we can’t blame PureFlix for that – we blame the producers.

Charlottesville Protests

Everyone is expected to take a side, but really both sides are ridiculous. While the racist groups are horrible, antifa doesn’t fight the battle the right way. We have turned a corner in which the left now are completely fine with violence. How should we christian act?  The narrative is now about free speech and has left Christians taking up for the White Supremacist groups.  Can we take some time to love one another and celebrate free speech?