Carman: The Phantom Marriage

Recorded on 12/21/2016

The Tax Bill passed and an honest critic would have to admit that this bill was passed in the same reckless way as the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Nazareth is canceling Christmas because of Trump.

Carman got Married

What are your Christmas traditions?

Christmas music is awful and no one is making any good new Xmas Carols.

So many versions of Sleighride, White Christmas, I’ll be Home for Christmas, and Chestnuts roasting… most “holiday stations” play these on repeat with different artists

Lady Gaga tried in 2008/9 and made a dance track that is cancerous. It’s called Christmas Tree…it’s about her lady bits.

Star wars spoilers – We spoil it pretty quick so don’t stick around for the last part of the episode if you want to stay away.