Bringing the NFL to Its Knees

Recorded September 28, 2017
Hosted by Britton, Nick, and Ashley

The World Did Not End

There was no rapture, no explosions, nothing. Once again the end of the world was a let down.  We all wanted to be taken up to get a change of pace.

Was Korea trying to create a ring of fire that was causing earthquakes?  Also, we may be the only Christian podcast that uses 4chan.

In California there were some people who thought the world did end.  During an emergency broadcast signal a Chuck Swindoll sermon bled over causing people to freak out.

Revelation Road is Christian Mad Max movie about the rapture.

Nashville Church Shooting

An usher is called a hero after a man with a gun enters the church.

We Have to Talk about the NFL Protests

Was last Sunday’s demonstration on the field a response to President Trumps mouthiness or is it still about a dialogue about racism in this country? Now, everyone thinks this issue is about flags and patriotism.  Regardless of what is true, perception tends to be reality and a lot of people do not understand what all of this is supposed to be about.  This discussion is losing the plot.

Whatever the Steelers were trying to do, it was totally misunderstood and they enraged fans.

Now fans are angry and burning their merchandise because they feel like the flag, and what it stands for is being disrespected.

Also, we try to figure out what these football players were doing during the National Anthem before 2009.

While the Steelers blew it, the Cowboys did it right. They kneeled for their demonstration, then they stood for the national anthem.

Also, listener response to the NFL controversy.

Athletic Platforms

We are not fans of political platforms from athletes and entertainers. We don’t like news to have opinions either.  We say all of that knowing full well that we are using our podcasting platform to tell everyone our opinion.

I Stand for The flag and kneel for the cross

Sometimes we Christians co-opt things that aren’t about.  When we are supposed to be salt and light, somethings we are rotten vegetables.

The Hef is Dead

What can we say about Hugh Hefner? While Christianity has a public aversion to pornography, did Hefner do a good thing by helping the culture break out of prudish sexual attitudes.