Another Year, Better Jokes

A new year and new voices. This week Joe and Chris joint Britton, Nick, and Ashley.

Recorded 1/5/2018

  • Merry Christmas/Happy New Year you disgusting people!
  • Christmas Gifts. What did you get?
  • Oregon Gas pumping – They can’t even right now.
  • Papa John resigns as CEO bc of NFL comments
  • XFL making a comeback?
  • Why CNN doesn’t understand Fascism….because they don’t understand Thomas the Train.
  • Neutral Gender Jesus
    A Church in Sweden is referring to Jesus as Gender Neutral. In their advertising for Christmas events a Swedish church started using a pronoun called “hen” which is a gender neutral term. ‘ “We did not want to sex the little child right away,” explains daddy Susann Senter, who explains that the decision is partly due to the Church’s equal treatment program.’
  • I resolve to not participate in “self help Christianity”
  • Christian conference season for your new year!
  • Intel Chips Security Flaw
    Apparently Intel chips in computers have had a major security flaw in them…for like the past decade or more. The latest patch that has or is coming out will fix the problem…but slow down your CPU by as much as 30%. Wtf. This includes all devices that use Intel products from computers, phones, etc. It looks like a lot of this has to do with Cloud computing… which makes me glad that I hardly use any cloud technology.

    There are two issues: One called Meltdown and one called Spectre. Meltdown only affects Intel related chips while Spectre affects everyone, ever. The only real way to fix Spectre is for chipmakers to do a recall on every chip ever and rework the architecture. There are some updates but they don’t really account for the Spectre issue. It turns out that you can’t have both speed and security.

  • Logan Paul finds a dead body in the Suicide Forest and blogs with it in the video, making jokes while right next to it.  (This might not even be worth talking about but it there’s a whole conversation around it going on right now.)