Amy Grant Hasn’t Been the Same Since Rich Mullins Rolled that Jeep

Hosted by Nick and Britton. Recorded on May 17, 2018.

Confession. I can hear Yanny and Laurel.
Also I’ve been listening to country music.

Hawaii is currently being consumed by lava as new fissures open up. They think the eruption is gonna be huge.

Are the end times again?

The move of the embassy to Jerusalem finally happened… and the riots were immense. Many injured or killed on the Palestinian side. However, this wasn’t unprovoked. Israeli leaders claim that they had taken fire from Hamas forces and retaliated in return.

Christian only town

Do people get along better or worse there?

May 11 Music

  • Jackie Hill-Perry Crescendo [Fair Trade Services]
  • Bethel Music Moments: Mighty Sound [Bethel Music]
  • Aaron Cole Virginia Boy EP [Gotee]
  • Amy Grant Say It With a Kiss – Single [AG/Capitol]
  • Smalltown Poets Say Hello (independent)
  • Alisa Turner Miracle or Not [Integrity]