All Whites Left Behind

CVC Podcast Recorded August 24, 2017.

With Britton, Jim, Nick and Ashley.

President Trump stares at the eclipse with the naked eye.

It was the week of the eclipse, and of course President Trump looks directly at the sun.  Does he do it to make us talk, or is he really that dumb?

Did the eclipse start the Tribulation Period?

Some on the internet claim the the Tribulation is starting with the eclipse. Numerologists think that the hebrew letters are forming in the trajectories of this eclipse and the next eclipse in seven years. Also Ashley wants us to know that the Left Behind books did not only have white people in it.

Civil War monument removals.

We need a peaceful way to go about this other than vandalism. It would be nice if we could talk.

Replacing the Rebel Flag with a new Sweet Ice Tea flag.

Because there are people offended by the Civil War relics and especially the rebel flag, we need a new flag that celebrates the best parts of the south – the biscuits and gravy, the fried taters, the sweet ice tea.

The Boston protest got it right.

After complaining about how Charlottesville went down, we love that thousands of people peacefully had a louder voice than the white supremacists.

Why the Centrist label is stupid.

You don’t have to pick a side. You can hate racism without joining antifa. You can love history without becoming a republican. One point of agreement does not mean you have to join a club, in fact we recommend against joining clubs.

The Gish Wish scavenger hunt.

Ashley takes part in this massive scavenger hunt, and gets some hilarious pictures.

I Can Only Imagine, the movie.

Its the movie that none of us knew we didn’t want to see.