That was the weirdest rant

Anyone watch the Super Bowl? Whatcha think of it and the half-time show?
It was the lowest rated Super Bowl in the last 8 years. However, it still drew in large numbers of people because it’s the Super Bowl.

NY Lawmakers want to make Tide Pods look less edible. Because people are stupid and can’t be trusted to no eat detergent.

Also, try Horehound candy.

FISA memo was released and hoo boy, there’s some spicy stuff in there once you know the context surrounding it and what it means for the intelligence community. Dems before the release: RELEASING THE MEMO WOULD ENDANGER NATIONAL SECURITY AND THE REPUBLIC Dems after the release: It’s a nothing burger

Elon Musk had his awesomely successful rocket launch into space. The Falcon Heavy went to the asteroid belt which was a lot further than they planned. Also starman in a tesla is awesome – Don’t Panic! 

A pastor and his virtual reality church

God Damn Evil

Newsboys United coming – now with more lead singers!


  • Lincoln Brewster Here I Am – Single [Integrity]
  • Listener Being Empty : Being Filled (independent) Had to watch it on youtube.
  • LOYALS LOYALS [Tooth & Nail]
  • Must Build Jacuzzi Last Place [Indie Vision Music]
  • Swoope Sonshine
  • Various Artists Samson: Songs From And Inspired By the Motion Picture [DREAM]