Ep 78: Holy Smoke!

This week:

Bibles are saved in a church fire

We test our political affiliation

Michael Jackson is Me Too’s from beyond the grave

All of this and Christian cruises, coming up on the CVC podcast

It’s lent season

Church in WV burns down but the cross and the bibles are left untouched

Sympathy for the antivaxxer. So an 18 year old kid got his vaccinations after his antivax mom refused to.

We took a political affiliation test. Ashley’s was 52% conservative and 48%libertarian

A dude survives three days on taco Bell sauce packets.https://www.wowktv.com/news/national/taco-bell-gives-man-who-survived-on-taco-sauce-while-stuck-in-snow-free-food-a-year/1833727635?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_WOWK_13_NEWS

Hbo tells us about Michael Jackson by telling us exactly what we already suspected about him.

And New music!