The Nashville Statement


The Nashville Statement was released and people are angry.  The statement itself includes a preamble and fifteen articles about homosexuality and transgenderism. Each article includes a statement about what this document affirms and what it denies.

Article X states that it is sinful for any of us to show a little bit of grace to the LGBTQ+ community.  The Nashville Statement draws a line in the sand for christians that disagree with the ideas of the document, essentially saying that if you are against the writers, you are not a christian.

It is this kind of rhetoric that is destroying the Christian church. This document goes too far into our bedrooms, a sin that Christian leaders have been committing for far too long.  By drawing this line in the sand, the writers are telling the church to kick out anyone they find distasteful. While they use a graceful tone, no one can deny this outcome.

Can a statement like this help the failing church? Church attendance statistics are trending downwards. This statement will galvanize more christian leaders toward this disgraceful path.

We do not expect anyone to change their theology.  They will believe what they believe. That is not being demanded.  However, we must show love and kindness to people. Period.  This document thinks it is showing love and kindness, but instead it makes an entire group of people feel like they are less than human.

This statement will no doubt cause more reactions. There have already been several reactionary documents. What are we doing?  We are picking a side and writing our name on it.  All of these documents have a place where you can sign and show your approval.  The cynic in me wonders what they are doing with this list of names.