The DACA Conversation

Listen as we try to figure out what DACA is all about.  It would be nice if we could have a law instead of an executive action for the people involved.  As it stands, a person who was brought in as a child must register every two years to have protections to stay in the country.  There is no pathway to citizenship through DACA. This is the program set up through an executive action by President Barrack Obama.

Now President Donald Trump says he’s going to end DACA in six months. He wants congress to put a bill in place that he can sign into law.  The problem is no one actually trusts his political party and administration to get this done after they could not pass laws that his own party wanted like healthcare reform.

Essentially the president is going to Trump Shame his political party into doing something, but why? His rhetoric throughout his campaign would not lead anyone to believe that he wants to help these people as much as he would like to deport them, but he said a lot of things during the campaign. He will probably try to tie this in with his plans for the wall. In essence, he will let 800,000 people under DACA stay if he can get his border wall.

So can the President get it done with an ineffective Congress?  Probably not, and in six months he’ll have to decide to whether or not to end the program and make these people who are currently protected illegal again.