Ep 61: Grave Sucking

Ep 61 10/11

Its baseball season. This week’s lesson: You can’t use the metaphor “chink in the armor” when describing the poor performance of an asian pitcher.  That pitcher was Japanese. The only reason I’m mad is that people don’t understand racial slurs.

October 5

  • Michael Farren Fighting For Us [Integrity]
  • For King & Country Burn The Ships [Word/Curb]
  • The Gray Havens She Waits (independent)
  • VaShawn Mitchell Cross Music EP [Fair Trade]
  • Twenty One Pilots Trench [Fueled By Ramen

Ep. 60: What Kind of Bush is That?

  • We might have news fatigue.
  • Britton drinks too much.
  • Trump has never drank a beer. I’ve read that he stopped drinking beer because of a relative that died due to alcohol. For context, the media is giving him crap about this because he drank diet coke at a thing instead of wine.
  • Emery has a new project called eve. People losing their mind over cover art.

September 28

  • Elevation Worship Hallelujah Here Below [Elevation Worship]
  • Gateway Greater Than [Gateway]
  • Israel Houghton Road To DeMaskUs [RCA]
  • Steve Ladd Come Up Clean EP [Sonlite]
  • MAE 3.0 EP [Tooth & Nail]
  • Ric Sincere Beyond Belief [Trackstarz]
  • Three Bridges Our Story [Sonlite]
  • Wisecarvers Silhouette [Skyland]

Ep 59: Watch Out Man Spreader

Ep 59 9/27

Music September 21

The Church Vessel The Outcome [DREAM]
Gateway Greater Than [Fair Trade]
Hillsong Kids Can You Believe It? [Hillsong]
Ellie Holcomb Sing: Creation Songs (independent)
Manafest Stones Reloaded (independent)
Andy Mineo II: The Sword EP [Reach]
Stars Go Dim Better EP [Curb/Word]
Mattie Montgomery Lovely Things in Ugly Places (Book) [HarperCollins/Thomas Nelson]

Ep 58: The Trump Prophecy?

Recorded 9/20 with Britton, Nick, and Ashley.

September 14

Blanca Shattered [Word]
Fit For A King Dark Skies [Solid State]
Jason Gray The Kipper Gray Sessions EP [Centricity]
Tori Kelly Hiding Place [Capitol]
Branan Murphy Branan Murphy EP [Reunion]
Rivers & Robots Discovery [Integrity]
Zach Williams Survivor: Live From Harding Prison EP [Essential]

Ep 57: Let’s Roll!

EP 57 9/13 Recorded by Britton, Ashley, Nick, Joe, and Michelle.

September 7 Music

  • Dan Bremnes Wherever I Go EP [Word]
  • Building 429 Live The Journey [Essential]
  • Lauren Daigle Look Up Child [Centricity]
  • Austin French Wide Open [Fair Trade]
  • Grandpa Loves Rhinos Better Eat Your Wheaties EP [IVM]
  • Jason Gray The Kipper Gray Sessions EP [Centricity]
  • I Am The Storm Fight Musik, Vol. 1 (independent)
  • Shane & Shane Hymns, Vol. 1 [WellHouse]
  • Unspoken Unspoken EP (Only in CD on tour) [Centricity]
  • Various Artists God Bless The Broken Road [Fair Trade]
  • Various Artists God Hears Her [Word]
  • Various Artists Motown Gospel: 20 Years | 20 Hits [Motown Gospel]

Ep 56: Our Latest Episode Ever!

Recorded 9/6/2018 with Britton, Ashley, and Nick.

Fooball season is back. Burn Stuff!

Do you hate Nike now? (Kapernick/Nike debacle)
“Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough” in an alternate universe there’s a conservative preacher taking sermon points from that commercial instead of burning Nike gear” -A

If he can come back, why not Louis?  He was seen doing comedy this week in a small club. People lost their mind.

Construction worker sues owner of company because the owner requires all employees to attend a weekly bible study during work hours

Some scientists did a peer-reviewed study and ticked off the trans community bc they labeled transgender onset a “dysphoria”. Trans community gets mad and so the university REMOVES the article completely.

A Teacher in SC received a letter and then corrected it before mailing it back to the White House (and she may be my spirit animal)

This preacher is issuing an apology for groping Ariana Grande at the Aretha Franklin funeral

Geoffrey Owens from the Cosby Show found bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s. You know, working for a living like a normal person. People lost their mind and shame him, Tyler Perry offers him a gig.

Asia Argento counter claims her sexual assault charges by saying she was the one who was raped.

August 31

The Afters Well Done – Single [Fair Trade]
Inspiration Worship Powerful [Radiate]
Jesus Culture Living with a Fire [Jesus Culture]
Stars Go Dim Heaven on Earth – Single [Curb/Word]
Matthew Thiessen And The Earthquakes Wind Up Bird [SMLXL]

September 3

Mosaic MSC Heaven [Essential Worship]

Ep. 55: Going to be a Floody Floody

Recorded August 30, 2018 with Britton, Ashley, and Nick.

Last week we referred some people as trash. I can’t tell if I’m sorry or sorry not sorry.

RIP in pepperoni John McCain

People were shot and killed at a Madden 19 tournament in Florida:

NASCAR driver loses sponsorship over fathers 30 year old racist remarks:

Papa Johns gets “woke” to Social Justice. It should be said that I did not get this email as I haven’t been active on Papa Johns for a long time. These are screenshots from a video I saw on YouTube of a guy talking about the email that he himself received. All credit goes to channel The Quartering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIbAXzEHjBI

In N’ Out Burgers are outed as donating money to the GOP coffers. Guess who isn’t happy?:

An internal message board post at Facebook claiming the company is a left-leaning monoculture has gone viral.

Music for August 24

Aaron Boyd Jericho [Lucid Artist Management]
The Erwins Watch & See [Stowtown]
Gaither Vocal Band Special Anniversary Collection [Gaither/Capitol]
Rend Collective Good News: Deluxe Edition [Sparrow]

Ep 54: Mormon No More

Recorded on 8/23/2018 with Britton, Nick, and Ashley.

The Mormon Church doesn’t want to be called ‘Mormon’ anymore – BuzzFeed Newshttps://apple.news/ARVYV0xNHSvG63B7N-4v1Fw

They’re going to go through an identity crisis stage. “The church Formally of the Latter Day Saints” and then be referenced be a cross (like Prince and his symbol)

A satanic idol goes to the Arkansas Capitol building – The Washington Post


Really redefines the term “Devil’s Advocate”

Can stop and look at how The Washington Post totally calls these people Free Speech Activists, but when it’s an actual free speech rally, they are Nazis? There seems like a double standard here.

The Catholic Church responds to last week’s NYT article we talked about regarding 300+ priests in sexual scandal.


An actress named Asia Argento, who was one of the first #metoo Weinstein accusers, secretly paid off a man that says she sexually assaulted him when he was 17, to the tune of $380,000. There are official documents between the lawyers that lay out the claim and the payment.


People are tearing down civil war statues again. Are these people on a schedule?


August 13
Various Artists Songs We’ve Been Trying To Tell You About Volume Seven[JFH Music]

August 17

Mark Schultz Follow (independent)
Vocal Few Grand Pre – EP [BC Music]
Zahna Red for War [Rockfest]
Weathered Stranger Here [Facedown]

Ep 53: Hats Off to the Sky King

Hosted by Britton, Nick, Michelle, and Joe!

“This week on the CVC Podcast:

  • R-E-S-T  I P Aretha
  • A man goes joyriding in a plane
  • Women are being alienated by #metoo




Confession: I only know one Aretha Franklin song.

Sky King
Some dude stole an airplane and flew it around before crashing it. He was the only person on board. The tapes are crazy. #skyking

Story: https://blog.alaskaair.com/alaska-airlines/horizon-air-aircraft/

Audio from the plane (Tweet thread): https://twitter.com/jwsthomson/status/1028134044502908929

#meToo Toxicity
The results of the #metoo movement are happening exactly as I predicted last year. With the amount of #metoo allegations coming out of the woodwork, ironically, the people most negatively affected by the movement in everyday life, are women. Why? Because men have stopped socializing with them and refuse to even go near them in the workplace: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2018/08/02/metoo-backlash-corporate-canada_a_23494668/

I guess this is the anniversary of the Charlottesville stuff and ANTIFA is out protesting again. The problem? There must not be any right wingers there to fight because they have decided to attack the police and an NBC reporter. Update: Turns out only something in the realm of 20 “nazis” actually showed up. The people protesting them? Mobs of them.

https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1028455276536582149 Reporter being confronted.

https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1028450659304132608 Police clashing with Antifa.

The Donalds Star
People are putting down fake Donald Trump stars on the walk of fame in retaliation to his star being constantly destroyed. Its It’s hilarious. https://www.ajc.com/news/national/dozens-fake-donald-trump-stars-appear-hollywood-walk-fame/zt31Hw87khOgiqTAivVvjN/

Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose deactivated her Twitter account after being called out for playing Batwoman. Guess who the people are that caused her to leave? The same people that made Scarlett Johansson leave that one trans movie.


Catholic Sex Misconduct in PA
Biggest investigation into the catholic priests sexual misconducts in Pennsylvania. Over 300 priests found. Over 1000 people over the past few decades actually came forward with their stories but were overlooked. It’s like the movie Spotlight with Micheal Keaton, only an entire state. Not just a city


Free Mom Hugs!
Church in Texas gave out “Free Mom Hugs” at Austin Pride Parade and it’s getting noticed


Music for August 10

  • Jonny Diaz Sweetness & Sorrow [Centricity]
  • TaRanda Greene The Healing [Stowtown]
  • Caitie Hurst How Could I Be Silent – EP [Centricity]
  • Derek Minor The Trap [Reflection]
  • Planetboom LEMME TELLYA [Venture3]
  • Rhett Walker Band Rhett Walker Band – EP [Essential]

Ep 52: Airdroppin’ into some DMs

EP 52: Recorded 8/9/2018 with Britton, Nick, and Ashley!

  • AirDrop is the new “sup girl?”
  • Info Wars has been removed from most media sites.
  • Woman shoots masturbating bicyclist trying to break into her SE Houston home, police say.
  • Two old men escape nursing home to go to the Wacken metal festival in Germany.
  • Former Pastor Who Founded Christian Music Festival Sentenced to 18 Years in Child Sex Abuse Case
  • Woman tries to convince cop not to arrest her bc she’s a “clean white girl” (insert valley girl acceny
  • Author Lee Strobel Backs Women Accusing Megachurch Pastor Of Sexual Misconduct

Music for August 3

  • Riley Clemmons Riley Clemmons [Sparrow]
  • David and Nicole Binion Dwell [Integrity]
  • Earth Groans Rahab EP [Solid State]
  • Fireflight Die Free – Single (independent)
  • James Fortune The Collection [eOne]
  • Gordon Mote Love Love Love [New Have]
  • Phil Wickham Living Hope [Fair Trade]