Ep 88 : Rawr You Guys

  • My power went out an I thought the end had come
  • Rome is opening an exorcism course.
  • #sexstrike
  • Bit of a funny story. Regents Park Police in the UK conducted a weapons sweep and in the meantime were given a host of weapons from some shop to keep them from getting into the wrong hands. Weapons include mostly kitchen/chef knives and what not, but among them were also a fencing rapier and a spoon.
  • Fans have put out a petition to remake Season 8 of GoT
  • Upcoming Movie about Tammy Fay Bakker.

Ep 87: Apparently

  • I watched I can only imagine.
  • Author Speaker Rachel Evan passed away at age 37.
  • Jesus is Trump Billboard
  • Chicken Pox Guy

Ep 86: Spoiler Alert

Ep 84: Is it Ok to punch a Nazi?

And New Music!

Ep. 82: Are Friends Friends Forever?

Music This Week:

  • Riley Clemmons Fighting for Me – Single [Sparrow]
  • Amanda Lindsey Cook House On A Hill
  • Jon Egan Unveil (Live)
  • For All Seasons Friends – Single
  • Branan Murphy Who Am I?
  • Neon Feather Universe Inside Your Eyes – Single
  • Natasha Owens Warrior [Radiate]
  • Rapture Ruckus Method to Madness (feat. Jeremy Claudio) – Single
  • Martin Smith Fire’s Gonna Fall – Single
  • Unspoken Reason – Single [Centricity]
  • We Are Messengers Honest EP [Word/Curb]
  • Darlene Zschech Forever My King – Single

Ep 81: How Can This Be?

  • Smollet case dropped.
  • Muller Investigation is Done
  • The EU wants to tax memes

Music this week!

Ep. 80: At least its an Ethos

Music this week!

  • Apollo LTD DNA – Single [Centricity]
  • Hillsong UNITED Another in the Fire – Single [Capitol CMG]
  • Trip Lee No Days Off – Single [Reach]
  • David Leonard The Wait [Integrity]
  • William Murphy Settle Here [RCA Inspiration]
  • Passion Behold the Lamb / It Is Finished – EP [Capitol CMG]
  • Social Club Misfits Que lo Que – Single [Capitol CMG]
  • Chris Tomlin Holy Roar: Live from Church [Six Steps]
  • Triumphant Quartet Yes [StowTown]

Ep 79: Where can I buy distressed underwear?

This week on the CVC Podcast:

  • Trump signs some bibles
  • Aunt Becky gets picked up by the feds
  • And Aldi bullies your gamer child

New Music this week!

  • Meredith Andrews Faith And Wonder (Live) EP [Word Worship]
  • Tina Boonstra Flicker – Single [7Core]
  • Cody Carnes Heaven Fall – Single [Capitol CMG]
  • KJ-52 Big Enough (feat. Xay Hill) – Single (independent
  • Heath McNease Be Clean Again (independent)
  • MDSN Hunger – Single [Integrity]
  • Lyrical word soup like the family Guy joke generator.
  • Cindy Morgan Autumn & Eve – Old Testament Volume 1 – EP (independent)
  • Planetshakers Only Way – Single [Venture3Media
  • The boycott still stands. https://s3.amazonaws.com/cvcpodcast/cvc-03-14-2019.mp3
  • Jetty Rae Stardust (independent)
  • Martin Smith Great & Glorious – Single [Integrity]
  • Tedashii Never Fold [Reach]